About us

We are an informal group of university people who share a common interest in web accessibility. Our members are from universities all over Australia and include:

  • Disability support staff
  • Technical staff
  • Web and instructional designers
  • Academics and teaching staff
  • Administrators and policy officers
  • Students.

The original idea for the network came from Martin Fathers who was then the head of the Disability Liaison Unit at RMIT University. Within days of our first discussion, staff from Monash and RMIT Universities had created a website, a mailing list and ideas for activities and events. That was back in mid-2004. We now have over 250 members.

Our aims

We want to:

  • Raise awareness within our organisations of the problems that poor web design creates for many people with disabilities
  • Make sure universities understand their legal obligations to design accessible online resources
  • Help university people find information and resources on accessible web design
  • Influence policy about web accessibility within universities
  • Develop strategies to ensure greater compliance with accessible design guidelines
  • Investigate ways to promote web accessibility across the university sector.

Getting involved